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Complete Home Solutions Case Studies: Crawl Space Treatment in West River, MD

Friday, March 31st, 2017 by Kelsey Harrison


This homeowner (and parent) was concerned about how healthy her home was. She knew that the indoor air quality of her home could have a huge impact on the overall health of her family (poor IAQ can lead to dizziness, fatigue, asthma, etc). She wanted a professional to come and test her house. Complete Home Solutions found that her crawl space was left untreated. Well, the crawl space is where a lot of dirty air and bad moisture can come from, and an untreated crawl allows for all of that to seep right into your living area (where you breathe). So, to make this home healthier we have to fix that crawl space. 


One of the most important installs that you want to have done in your crawl space is a vapor barrier. This is basically a sturdy, plastic sheet that we layer over the entire crawl floor and then run up the walls. We make sure that we seal the barrier air tight by screwing in wooden planks with caulking at the barrier ends. This is what stops that moist air from traveling up into the house. We also go throughout the crawl and seal any gaps or openings with polysio foam board and caulk. The result -- this client can sleep at night knowing that her family is breathing in healthy air (and as an added bonus the house will now cost her less in utility bills). 

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