Home Inspection Common Mistakes

Saturday, April 1st, 2017 by Robert Burgee

Home Inspection Common Mistakes - Image 1Avoid these 8 Common Home Inspection Missteps that Cost Buyers Money!

  1. Not Getting Multiple Recommendations- Your real estate agent might suggest a home inspector, and that inspector could turn out to be wonderful. But you’re the one buying the house, so make sure you choose well. Besides asking your friends and neighbors, use the American Society of Home Inspectors to vet their recommendations and make sure you hire someone who’s qualified.
  2. Not Attending the Inspection- Because buyers get a report from the inspector after the job’s done, many people don’t realize they can be at the inspection. In fact, good inspectors expect you to be there. That way, they can show you what they find and let you know whether it’s a big deal or not.
  3. Being too Intimidated to Ask Questions- Unless you’re a contractor, you probably don’t know much about the “guts” of the house: the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. If you don’t understand what the inspector just told you, ask for clarification. So attend the inspection — and ask plenty of questions.
  4. Not Turning on Utilities- For a normal home inspection, the utilities will still be connected by the sellers — but that isn’t always the case. If utilities are turned off, you’ll miss seeing important stuff, such as whether the dishwasher drains properly, the pipes leak, or the water flow is sufficient. (When you have a head full of shampoo isn’t when you want to find that out.)
  5. Not Testing for Water of Mold Problems-If the home you’re buying gets its water from a drinking well (about 15% of U.S. homes do), you need to have the water tested for contaminants. It’s also important to test for mold. “Mold remediation can be expensive, and if you have toxic molds, you may end up with health complaints.”
  6. Assuming a New-Construction Home is Fine- You probably wouldn’t have a new car inspected by a mechanic before buying it, so the same goes when buying a new house, right? Surprisingly, new homes still need to be inspected. Some have been known to topple faster than a five-tier wedding cake without dowel support. Many have defects, even if they did meet county codes. If the builder reassures you that the house is perfect, get it inspected anyway. Save your urge to gamble for the casinos.
  7. Not Hiring a Specialist- A home inspector is like a doctor who’s a general practitioner. They both can diagnose problems, and they both know when to refer you to a specialist. If your housing inspector recommends a specialist, you should get one.
  8. Taking the Report Seriously-  It’s understandable to want to buy a house after you’ve gone to all the trouble of finding it, putting in an offer, and then paying for an inspection. But don’t forget that the inspection is not a mere formality — you actually need to consider the results. If the inspector finds problems that the seller won’t address, depending on the severity of the problems, you might need to pass on the deal.


Avoid these mistakes and be worry free by hiring one of our many Certified Home Inspectors to complete a quality inspection that will go over problem areas and possible recommendations. Give us a call today and schedule your inspection today 1-855-247-9984!

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