Back to School - Dreams & Expectations

Monday, August 29th, 2016 by Kelsey Harrison

August is a time when many of us prepare for changes and new pressures in our day-to-day lives.  It’s also a time for our young children and college-aged young adults to think about what they want to be and what they will become.

For many adults, it’s also a time to think about the pressures, failures and dreams that we once had.  Although things may have changed, no one can really take away our dreams.  We still have to dream on, visualize our desires, our wants, our vision of our future --- even when we think we are too old for such things.

Did you know that Colonel Sanders started the very successful Kentucky Fried Chicken business when he was 60!  It’s not the age, whether being too young or too old, but the desire to dream on and the courage to realize it.

Whether for yourself or mentoring your children, friends or young adults making difficult college choices, encourage yourself and others to visualize and realize their dreams.  Start with a dream, plan it, visualize it and don’t give up on it!

So dream on, and set a deadline.  Make it a giant dream, a tiny one, an old everlasting one, a newfound one, a hobby-related one, a change of life one, or whatever!  Just continue to dream on and then JUST GO AND DO IT! 

HAPPY MONDAY and Dream On........


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