BPI Healthy Home Evaluators on staff

Complete Home Solutions is proud to announce that three of our staff members have achieved the BPI Healthy Home Evaluator Certification.   Congratulations to Rob Burgee, Frank Storck and Merv Roussell.  Rob, Frank & Merv successfully completed the certification exams and demonstrated the experience, knowledge, skills and abilities required to take this exam.

This certification is essential since serious health problems can start at home.  This knowledge and credential helps our staff identify potential triggers or concerns in the home that may be affecting the health of the residents.

Did you know that most people spend over 90% of their time indoors – and the number of children with asthma has doubled in the past 10 years.  This evaluation is important in order to diagnose problems in the home that may lead to allergies and asthma and other health hazards.

"With the growing demand for preventative healthy home interventions, building a home assessment workforce that combines strong building science expertise with healthy homes principles will lead to improvements in public health, and also enhance the credibility of efforts to secure sustainable financing for such interventions," said David Rowson, Director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Indoor Environments Division. "BPI's new credential is a welcome addition to the expansion and sustainability of proven healthy homes interventions."

Our BPI Healthy Home Evaluators are already certified to perform comprehensive home energy audits and have many years of experience.  Complete Home Solutions felt that the Healthy Home Evaluator certification would be an important addition to the suite of services we offer. After assessing the environmental health and safety hazards in the home, our evaluator can offer a report of their findings.  These findings can be taken to a licensed healthcare professional for additional consultation and recommendations.    Many states are providing some Medicaid reimbursement for home-based asthma education and other financing mechanisms to help pay for repairs needed to make the home healthier.

Not only do We Fix Uncomfortable Homes!  We Fix Unhealthy Homes too!

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Congratulations again to Rob, Frank & Merv!

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