HHM2018: August's 31 Days Challenge!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 by Michelle Burgee

Be the Reason Someone & You Smile! 

August 1, 2018 HHM2018: August\'s 31 Days Challenges! - Image 1

We encourage you to take stock of the life you have and do, think, and say things that make them happy! Be the reason someone else smiles, your energy can make or break someone else’s day. Whether it is family, friends, or strangers there is always a way to bring joy into someone’s life and we challenge you to do just that! Here are 31 day's of happiness you can do!

Day 1 Kiss someone or something that makes you happy!

Day 2 Its Friendship Day, text or CALL your friends

Day 3 Wave & smile at 5 strangers

Day 4 Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle (a challenging yet relaxing game of choice)


Day 6 Wear your favorite shoes that make you feel confident or comfortable

Day 7 SING out loud

Day 8 Today is Admit You're Happy Day so toast to that!

Day 9 Walk barefoot in the grass or sand in your secret favorite place

Day 10 Do something spontaneous

Day 11 Relax in the pool, bath, or hot tub

Day 12 Random act of kindness (buy your boss a coffee, buy donuts for the office)

Day 13 Compliment 3 people

Day 14 Watch the sunrise/sunset

Day 15 Use your good China for a meal

Day 16 Put your feet up and relax

Day 17 Hold the door open for someone

Day 18 Smile at 4 strangers

Day 19 Do a good deed

Day 20 Share your favorite quote, poem, or anecdote

Day 21 Donate to a local thrift store

Day 22 Watch a funny or your favorite movie

Day 23 Plan a mini vacation (even a weekend trip)

Day 24 Eat your favorite comfort food

Day 25 Share your favorite picture if you haven’t yet!

Day 26 Thank 5 people

Day 27 Call someone you haven’t spoke to in a long time

Day 28 Light candles or buy yourself flowers and enjoy

Day 29 Take a leisurely walk or drive

Day 30 Clean out a drawer

Day 31 Wear your favorite outfit or something bright

These may sound silly but soon they become habit and lead you to be a happier and healthier person. Others will enjoy your random kindness and spirit! The only real rule to these challenges is to have fun and smile often!

But after all…happiness starts at home and we want you to feel your best at home so please call Complete Home Solutions TODAY at 1-410-867-1202 to make your home happy too!

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