HHM2018: 10 Simple Acts to Make Someone Else's Day!

Monday, August 6th, 2018 by Michelle Burgee

Be the Reason Someone Smiles 

August 6, 2018 HHM2018: 10 Simple Acts to Make Someone Else\'s Day! - Image 1

We are all trying to survive in this chaotic world. We all have those very terrible, horrible, no good, bad days. Fight off those bad days by making someone else's day better. It's the little things in life that can make a difference! One simple act you do can change one person's whole day.

1. Say Hello. Acknowlegement of another person's exsistence is one of the greatest things you can do. Just doing something as simple as saying hello to your neighbors, people you run into on the elevator, or even your coworkers. It feels good to be noticed.

2. Answering "How are You" and Asking Them. I know you get this question constantly from people at the cash register, at work, at your house, and all over the place. But a simple response back and returning the question to others is nice. It shows them that you are interested. If you open up others will join in too.

3. Give Someone an Unexpected Treat. This is a simple act of saying "I am thinking about you and want you to be happy". This treat can be something for a cookie to a box of donuts to staying in and cooking a homemade meal. Just letting that special someone in your life you appreciate know you care is enough to turn their day around.

4. Compliment Somone. As you walk down the street, into your office, or even in your home and think in your head "oh that's nice". TELL THEM! If you think someone is doing an awesome job or they just look great today, speak to them and LET them KNOW. This will make the person you compliment feel good on the inside. It's a simple act of just speaking what you are already thinking in your head most likely. Everyone likes to hear that you like their clothes or they are doing a great job. Just speak!

5. Hold the Door Open. This is a simple act of kindness. When you know someone is behind you be kind enough to hold the door open for them and let them walk in front of you. Or if you see someone who has a lot of things in their hands who is trying to get into a building, go grab the door for them so they don't struggle. It's a big mood lifter for most people so help someone out by holding a door.

6. Run an Errand for Someone. We all know someone who is overwhelmed and very stressed out. Help them out by offering to run one of their errands for them. Running errands can be tiring and time consuming for lots of people. But by offering your help this will be a big stress relief for them and an instant mood booster.

7. Be a Good Listener. The greatest gift someone can offer at times is silence and understanding. Ask someone who is having a hard time if they would like to talk about it. Then just sit back and listen without judgement or interruption. Talking to someone who is listening to you is one of the greatest feelings so be a good listener for once!

8. "Pay it Forward".  This is when one person pays for the drink/meal for the person behind them, that person follows the suit, and so on. It's an ongoing process of treating the person behind you unexpectedly just to be kind. We all know you don't go to Starbucks in the morning because you are feeling great. You go because you are tired and cranky. So help the person behind you have a better day!

9. Volunteer. Go to the elderly home and put in some hours of work. Listen to them tell you stories, play a few games with them, or just simply help them move around. Go to an animal shelter. Go volunteer at a day camp. Go volunteer at your church. With volunteering there are endless opportunities and they help relieve a lot of stress from others.

10. Last but not Smiling is something that requires no effort at all. Giving someone a nice smile as they walk by or do something as nice as holding the door open for you is a good way to say thank you. Smiling is proven to be a mood booster for you and the people around you. So, smile more and spread happiness to those around you.

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