Say Bye-Bye to Cold Air!

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 by Michelle Burgee

Say Bye-Bye to Cold Air! - Image 1

As temperatures are beginning to plummet, we want to help you keep the cold air out! No one likes being cold all through winter. Consider some of these tips to help you keep warm during those chilly winter nights!

     1. Use a Window Insulator Kit: if a room is chiilly, go see if any cold air is seeping through the windows. Use a window insulator kit to keep the cold drafts out, these will also help to reduce condensation and prevent forst buildup on the windows.

     2. Seal Air Conditioning Ducts: use plastic covers to seal off air conditioner ducts. Most of your vent and grille covers include a rubber gasket that allows for a tight seal, keeping the cold air out.

     3. Get your Basement, Attics, and Crawl Spaces Checked by a Professional: at Complete Home Solutions we specialize in going into the home to figure out what is wrong inside these spaces. From there we can determine what type of work needs to be done to fix your problems.

     4. Properly Insulate your Home: at Complete Home Solutions we offer a FREE Energy Audit, where a Home Comfort Specialist comes into your home to see where your valuable heat is going and how to fix it. This will determine where there is an air leakage which is causing the cold air to come into your home.

Call us TODAY at 410-867-1202! We want to help you save money and be more comfortable in your home!

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