National Family Day

Thursday, September 26th, 2019 by Michelle Burgee

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Today is National Family Day! Families that play together, stay together! We all know that quality time with our family is paramount in building stronger relationships. The family does not have to mean by marriage or by blood, the family is, however, you define family. So, today go out and hang out with your family, whoever that I am, and show them that you love and appreciate them.

At Complete Home Solutions we love and appreciate the team we have build here, they are our Complete Home Solutions family!

Here are 5 activities to do with your family today:

1. Plan a game day. Games are always super fun and a great way to bond a family. Whether you and your family decide on playing a few board games, puzzles, card games, or even hitting the field for a sports game, a little competition is healthy for quality family time!

2. Watch a movie together. Pop in a movie and sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time watching a movie with your family. A great way to keep this idea interactive includes watching a film with a controversial message and discussing it afterward. This way the child learns value lessons as well.

3. Plan a meal and eat. Make it a point to have a "family dinner" tonight, where you and everyone prepare food together. This is a great lesson in teamwork and everyone will love the tasty meal cooked together. Maybe even encourage your child to come up with their dish with you as the helper along the way.

4. Go on a nature hike. Take some time with your family and enjoy the outdoors together. The outdoors can be a very relaxing activity and it also allows your family to get in some exercise too in a more fun way. You can go to a local park and walk on some trails. This will allow your family to see some gorgeous views and enjoy time with them.

5. Create a family scrapbook together. Send some photos to your local Walmart or Walgreens to have printed today. Give each member of the family a few pages to be responsible for in the scrapbook. This will allow your children to think creatively and enjoy quality time with each other. You can even help each other out on creating each page in the scrapbook.

Now, go out and enjoy being with your family today. A lot of times we take for granted the time to have with our family, show them today that you love, and appreciate them! 

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