NHIM 2021: What's the Point of a Home Energy Audit?

Friday, April 2nd, 2021 by Jessica Anderson

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April is National Home Inspection Month. An important part of inspecting your home is getting a home energy audit. This will allow you to understand your home’s energy use, or lack thereof, and which areas should be a priority or not. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the average American household spends roughly $2,060 per year on energy costs. Performing an energy audit will lower these costs and energy use. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that home energy audits could cut energy bills by 20 to 35 percent, unlocking up to $627 in annual savings. You can perform a home energy audit yourself, or if you feel more comfortable, then call a professional like us. If you do call a professional, there are a couple things you should keep in mind. One, is to have your past couple of utility bills handy and ready to be analyzed. It is important to note when your bills spike, such as in the winter or summer months. But if you can not find your bills don't worry still give us a call! It is also important to keep in mind any problems around the house, such as drafty rooms. Also, keep in mind energy usage habits, such as what the average thermostat setting is season to season. Keeping these in mind will make the process easier. Here is what you can expect from a professional energy audit:

  1. The outside of your home being inspected. It is important to check the outside, such as the walls or windows, for any issues that could be causing any leaks.
  2. The inside of your home being inspected. It is important to check several different areas in your home, such as the attic. They will make sure your insulation is properly installed and evaluate the holes where electrical lines run to make sure they are properly sealed.
  3. Your water heater and furnace being inspected. It is important to make sure that they are not outdated or broken. If they are, this could be a reason for higher electricity bills.
  4. A blower door test. Most professional audits include a blower door test. This is a device that allows them to locate air leaks in the home. During a blower door test, all the windows and doors are closed, and they will use a blower door machine to depressurize the home. At that point, the auditor uses an infrared camera to see where cold air may be leaking into your home.
  5. The lighting in your home being inspected. One easy way to reduce electricity costs is by switching from standard incandescent light bulbs to another option, such as light-emitting diodes, or LEDs.

These are some of the things you can expect from a professional audit. There are several different factors that could play into your energy usage, so it is necessary to inspect them all.

Call us at 1-410-867-1202 and we can have one of our Home Comfort Specialist’s perform an energy audit for you!

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