NHHM2021: To Do List - Let Us Help You Check Everything Off

Friday, June 25th, 2021 by Ann Gorman


Have you ever made a to do list for your home? Your home needs to be cared for and taken care of just like everything else in your life! There are always ways that you can improve your living space and make it more pleasant. You do live there, after all. Complete Home Solutions is the perfect place to start! We created short list of ways that you can improve your home.

  • To Do List: Let Us Help You Check Everything Off - Image 1Have a more comfortable home.

Who wants to live in an uncomfortable home? There are several reasons why your home may be unpleasant to live in. It’s very common for home builders to take the short cut when building houses. Because of this there are often unsealed holes in ducts, windows, doors, and many other areas. This causes heat and air conditioning to leak out and is a common reason as to why your home may seem that it is never heating up or cooling off all the way. When air from the outside leaks in to replace the old air, it can cause drafts and cold floors along with other issues.

  • Save money.

Saving money is one of the most common reasons that customers utilize our services. Unsealed holes and lack of insulation cause air leakage while your AC system continuously pumps out air to cool off your home. This racks up energy bills. The cost of sealing these holes and installing insulation may seem like a lot, but it saves you money in the long run. Another common money waster is dirt crawl spaces. Dirt crawl spaces cause damp air which ends up costing about 15%-25% more on heating and cooling costs. While saving money you will be saving your energy as well. 

  • Save energy.

Saving energy goes hand in hand with saving money. If you are saving energy, you are saving money in the process. The top of the house is where the most air leaks out. This causes replacement air to be sucked in from the lower levels. Although the attic is the often the most difficult to get to, making sure it’s properly sealed can be very beneficial. Leaking air is wasting energy and wasting money. Scientists say that up to 50% of the air you breathe is on the first floor is from your crawl space. Dirt crawl spaces lose so much energy that it is smart to encapsulate your crawl space before doing any other energy saving work on your home. 

  • Lower my family’s impact on the environment.

Saving energy is a great way for your family to lower their impact on the environment. Making your home more energy efficient is one of the best ways to make your family more environment friendly. Complete Home Solutions offers home energy audits in which we look over your entire house and see how we can make your home more energy efficient and therefore more environment friendly!

All of these items can be checked off your list if you give us a call and utilize our services! 1-410-867-1202

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