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Tuesday, October 12th, 2021 by Matt Crawford

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In October 2021 Complete Home Solutions began the “Tree-T Yourself Project” as an eco-friendly partnership to continue our never-ending efforts to be as environmentally as possible. For every signed contract we will be planting trees in your name, at select projects around the country, and we are getting started right down the street.


Complete Home Solutioncoverage area in Maryland and DC make up a fraction of the 20 million people that call the area surrounding the Chesapeake Bay home. Along with more than 3,000 species of plants and animals that call the bay or its shores home, and sadly many of the area’s plants, animals, and even people suffer every year from the bay’s pollution.  


The Tree-T Yourself Project will target the head of the problem along the shoreline of the Susquehanna River, which runs across Pennsylvania. The chemicals and bacteria that pollute this river, from Suburban areas and mining land, flow directly into and down the Chesapeake and cause an estimated 50% of its yearly pollutionBy planting these trees along the shoreline, they act as a buffer to pollution and provide a host of other stream benefits, including stabilizing banks, cooling water temperatures, flood mitigation, and improving habitat quality. As a direct result you will see an improvement in soil health, cleaner sources for drinking water, and improved health and population to the bay’s favorite species, the Mid-Atlantic Blue Crab. 


With the trees being planted along the Susquehanna we are eager to partner with you, as we help our surrounding community and environment one tree at a time. Make sure your keeping track of how many trees we have planted by visiting. 

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