Installing a Skylight Window Insert

This homeowner called Dr. Energy Saver a second time after being so pleased with the prior energy saving work, with the task of making the skylight in the kitchen more energy efficient. 

Skylights are often used to bring additional daylight into rooms and are great looking architectural features, but depending on the way in which they were built and installed, they can become a big source of energy waste. 

Larry Janesky, owner and president of Dr. Energy Saver, explains the many ways in which energy can be lost through typical skylights that were not built for energy efficiency.

First of all, as is the same with windows, proper air sealing is necessary to prevent air leaks. Skylights built with regular single pane glass are also a source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer, because heat is easily transferred through the glass. The cold glass pane also causes the so called "convective loop", which accelerates heat loss and makes the home feel very drafty. 

To help this homeowner, Dr. Energy Saver installed an energy efficient skylight window insert, with double low-e glass panes to stop heat transfer. A layer of argon between the panes helps minimize heat transfer even more. 

The homeowner can now enjoy the light and beauty of the skylight with none of the energy penalties. Give us a call if you would like us to help make your home energy efficient, or if you would like a comprehensive home energy audit to prioritize improvements that will bring your the most savings for your investment!

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