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Attic Insulation in Baltimore, MD

This homeowner was experiencing fluctuating temperatures in her upstairs bedroom. They decided to let the professionals at Complete Home Solutions handle and help solve her situation! After getting in contact with us, we sent one of our Home Comfort Specialists, James, to investigate and find out the cause behind her temperatures. After the visit, James decided that a complete blown-in insulation project would help alleviate her issue. The next step was to send out our Home Comfort Technician crew to get to work. They started by air sealing the attic by spraying one-part spray foam over the top plates to prevent air leakage, followed by installing baffles in the eaves so that the attic gets proper ventilation after we install the new cellulose. The final step is to have our blown-in cellulose installers arrive and install 16 inches of new insulation into the attic. 


The homeowner noticed an immediate difference and no longer has any fluctuating temperatures inside!

Attic Insulation in Annapolis, MD

Joanne had been experiencing some uncomfortable temperatures in her Annapolis, MD home. She took the smart first step of contacting us to figure out what the issue was and have us fix it! Our Home Comfort Specialist, Ben, arrived and inspected the attic to find out where her uncomfortable temperatures were coming from. After investigating, Ben found that her current insulation level was not up to modern standards and recommended getting some work done in her attic to help alleviate her temperature issues. Our Home Comfort Technicians came out and started with air sealing her attic to get rid of any air leakage and installing baffles to allow the attic to get ventilation after we blow the attic with brand new cellulose. The crew then spray-foamed her exposed ductwork to eliminate any future moisture issues. The final step was to install the new cellulose insulation.


Joanne felt an immediate difference after the crews finished the job and was pleased with the results!


Attic Insulation in Washington,DC

This single family home in our nation's capital, Washington ,DC was suffering from high energy bills and drafty rooms.

The Auditor performed a home energy audit to assess where air was leaking from the home. Our Production team provided air sealing to prevent future air leakage. They also installed cellulose insulation to the attic to helps with the home's overall comfort and help to lower the customers energy bills.

Attic Insulation in Brentwood, MD

Insufficient attic insulation leads to a lack of energy efficiency in a home. Homes like this one in Brentwood, Maryland struggle with keeping air that is inside the home from escaping and outside air from seeping into the home. By removing the existing insulation and replacing it with blown-in cellulose insulation, we made the home more energy efficient by keeping the air inside the home and not escaping to the outside. 

New Attic Cellulose Insulation Installation in Adelphi, Md

This home in Adelphi,Maryland was suffering from cold drafts in the house and called the Complete Home Solutions team to find the source of the issue. Our home comfort specialist determined that the attic wasn't properly insulated and was the source of the uncomfortable temperatures. Our Production Team installed new Cellulose Insulation to the attic to insulate the space and keep the home at a more comfortable temperature and save energy.

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