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Before and After Pictures from Prince Georges County
Crawl Space Spray Foamed in Mount Rainier, MD

Crawl Space Spray Foamed in Mount Rainier, MD

Before After
Crawl Space Spray Foamed in Mount Rainier, MD Crawl Space Spray Foamed in Mount Rainier, MD

This homeowner from Mount Rainier, Maryland noticed that his master bedroom was always freezing cold, especially the floors. He needed advice on how to change this. So, he called up Complete Home Solutions.

After an energy audit, we determined that there was a crawl space beneath the master bedroom that was causing it to be so cold. The walls had some insulation in them, but it was not actually blocking any air movement. In order to do that, we needed to install spray foam over the walls. Doing this has created a much more comfortable and energy efficient home!

Energy Efficient Upgrades in Mount Rainier

Energy Efficient Upgrades in Mount Rainier

Before After
Energy Efficient Upgrades in Mount Rainier Energy Efficient Upgrades in Mount Rainier

This client had heard a radio ad discussing the great benefits that an energy efficient home can have for its homeowner. Thinking about how his home was probably under-performing (based on his utility bills and lack of insulation in his attic), he did a little research. He found Complete Home Solutions and, after viewing our extensive experience, chose us as to make his home more efficient. 

After performing a home energy audit, our home comfort specialist found quite a few opportunities for improvement (the attic being the main one). This home had a flue pipe that went through the attic; it wasn't properly sealed and was, therefore, causing a lot of air leakage (decreasing the efficiency of the home). We sealed the pipe and constructed a non-flammable barrier around it to prevent insulation contact. We also air sealed along all the rim and band joists in the attic and replaced the old, gunky insulation with fresh cellulose. Now this home is efficient and comfortable for the homeowner too! 

Attic Insulation in Brentwood, MD

Attic Insulation in Brentwood, MD

Before After
Attic Insulation in Brentwood, MD Attic Insulation in Brentwood, MD

Insufficient attic insulation leads to a lack of energy efficiency in a home. Homes like this one in Brentwood, Maryland struggle with keeping air that is inside the home from escaping and outside air from seeping into the home. By removing the existing insulation and replacing it with blown-in cellulose insulation, we made the home more energy efficient by keeping the air inside the home and not escaping to the outside. 

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2018 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award
On November 11, 2018, Complete Home Solutions received the Champions of Energy Efficiency Award for their efforts to advance landmark... [Read more]
BBB's Torch Awards for Ethics
On Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, Complete Home Solutions was honored as a recipient of... [Read more]
Angie's List Super Service Award 2015
The Angie's List Super Service Award is given to only the top 5% of businesses in a specific category. ... [Read more]
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Testimonials From Prince Georges County
J.B. is a very good leader! Professional and polite. He's a keeper !!
Testimonial by Judy J. from Upper Marlboro, MD

Spray foam insulation & expert air sealing contractor for Prince Georges County, MD

Specializing in spray foam, cellulose and rigid foam board insulation, Complete Home Solutions can service your every insulation need. We can fix faulty insulation as well as provide new insulation installation. If you have a home in Prince Georges County, MD, you want it to be comfortable all year long. Don't hesitate to get the proper insulation and air sealing your home needs to remain at a comfortable temperature. Our professionals can easily assist you with attic, garage, and basement insulation and much more.

We also specialize in home energy audits that can help detect where your home uses and loses the most energy. From there, we can recommend solutions to improve your insulation throughout your home to save you from wasting energy!

Home insulation services:

  • Air sealing
  • Attic insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Floor insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Rigid foam insulation
  • Weatherization
  • Aeroseal duct sealing
  • Home energy audits
  • Replacement Windows

Feel free to give us a call at 1-855-247-9984 or fill out a free estimate form to get started on a more energy efficient home. If you live in Prince Georges County, MD, you've chosen the local expert for insulation and duct sealing.

HVAC system installation in Prince Georges County, MD

At Complete Home Solutions we can help you keep your home comfortable during even the coldest of winters and the warmest of summers by installing a reliable HVAC system. Some of the HVAC systems we install include:

  • Ductless Air Conditioning
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Forced Air Heating
  • Electric Heating
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gas Heating
  • Furnaces

Contact us today and schedule your free estimate in Prince Georges County!

Job Stories From Prince Georges County, MD
Crawl Space Upgraded in Cheltenham, MD

This customer of ours had a few issues going on in his crawl space that he already knew about - his insulation was falling out and his ductwork was uninsulated in his crawl. As he was thinking about who he should call to help him with his problem, he saw one of Complete Home Solutions' trucks on the road. He immediately got out his phone and gave us a call to check out his crawl space. 

When we got there, we found that falling insulation wasn't this homeowner's only problem. This crawl space needed a serious touch up. The first thing that we did was to remove the old insulation. We then replaced it with 3" of closed cell spray foam in the rim and band joist area. We then sealed the foundation vent using polysio foam board and spray. We also added a drainage matt across the dirt floor area in the crawl and then a 20 mil vapor barrier. Last, but certainly not least, we insulated the duct work with 1" of spray foam. 

After it was all said and done, we had a very happy customer on our hands. His crawl space was transformed into one that was saving him money in utility bills and keeping him warm in the winter. 

Summer Hot Streak Treated in Oxon Hill, MD

This customer was having a really hard time in the middle of the summer. She had little kids and pets that stayed home with her and they were just miserably HOT! She tried to get the AC up, but her system seemed to be struggling and just couldn't get the house cool enough. She got a quote for a new HVAC system, but was afraid that just replacing her system wouldn't fix the real issue. The HVAC company that she was going to use referred her over to Complete Home Solutions to find a whole house solution for her heat problem. 

After performing a whole house analysis, we found that a major reason that this house wouldn't stay cool was because the attic was untreated. We explained to the homeowner that replacing her HVAC system would help a little bit, but unless she also treated her attic, she would be wasting a lot of money and not accomplishing much. So she let us go ahead and show her what we meant. We did a lot of air sealing in the attic, using spray foam and foam board on the knee walls and caulk on the penetrations throughout the attic, and a combination of both methods for insulating the rim and band joists. After air sealing, we installed blown cellulose insulation to complete what we call a "thermal barrier." 

This homeowner was completely relieved by the difference our work made for her and her kids. Our work married with the new HVAC system she had put it in so that it didn't have to work as hard and her house still stayed nice and cool throughout the summer. 

Addition Crawl Space Insulated in Riverdale, MD

This couple had an addition put onto their house a few years ago. When they put the addition in, they consequently created a new crawl space  underneath their house. The problem with this is that they never had that crawl space insulated. This means that there was nothing stopping cold air from flowing into the house in the winter and musty, dirty air from flowing into the house in the summer. Understandably so, they wanted to get their addition taken care of once and for all, so they called up Complete Home Solutions

We were more than happy to come out and provide these homeowners with the specific solutions for their home's needs. To make sure that this couple could enjoy their home's addition all year round, we made a few much needed improvements. We needed to air seal  the space, which meant using spray foam to seal up rim and band joists and any penetrations. We had to add some extra insulation to the ceiling of the crawl space (where it connects to the living space floors). We also had to install a vapor barrier, which stops unwanted moisture from traveling up into your house. 

We were ultimately able to create a more comfortable space for this couple to use and they are in love! We won them over with our professional and pleasant attitude and delivered a quality of work that gave them confidence that they had made the right choice! 

Crawl Space Encapsulated in Bladensburg, MD

This homeowner and his wife had recently dealt with a substantial vermin problem. Mice were getting into the crawl space and breeding like crazy. They got their pests taken care of, but wanted to make sure that the same problem couldn't happen again. They knew that they had to do something about their crawl space, and decided to improve their home comfort as well. While searching for a company who could do both, they found Complete Home Solutions and decided to give us a call. 

After taking a trip out to their house and speaking with the homeowners, we found that the best solutions for them was to encapsulate the crawl space.  This involved installing a dimpled drainage matting and vapor barrier to the crawl floor. We then applied Air Sealing to crawl space walls, vents, and rim & band joists with spray foam insulation.  In addition to all that we also treated the crawl space hatch with foam board  and caulk. 

After finishing all of work, our homeowners can rest assured that they will no longer be having any vermin sneaking into their crawl space. They can now enjoy a healthier, more comfortable home. We are so happy to have been able to help these great people with their home! 

Energy Bills Saved in Mount Rainier, MD

This homeowner has been living in his house for the past 21 years. Over the past few years, his energy bills have been steadily going up. He is retired and on a fixed income, so this was not a problem that he could continue to afford. Lucky for him, he found an ad for one of our home energy audits and called us up right away! 

With this energy audit we were able to pinpoint the areas of the house that were costing this customer an increase in his energy bill month after month. The attic and the crawl space needed to be updated to stop them from leaking so much air! In the attic we needed to do some air sealing  (around attic penetrations, top plates, recessed light fixtures, etc) largely using caulk and spray foam. We also needed to blow in 8" of TruSoft cellulose insulation. In the crawl space, we needed to air seal again, this time the rim and band joists, penetrations, and foundation vents. We also installed a vapor barrier and an EverLast crawl space access door. 

All of this was done to ensure that the conditioned air that our customer was paying to have heat/cool his home was actually staying where he wanted it to be. Thanks to these improvements, he now has an affordable energy bill and a comfortable home on top of it!

Home Comfort Improved in Glenn Dale, MD

These homeowners have had the same problem with their house for the past 7 years.The upstairs and the downstairs have always had different temperatures. In the winter, the downstairs was freezing while the upstairs was warm and in the summer, the downstairs was cool while the upstairs was blazing.

This had always annoyed them, but they got the final push to do something about it when they realized they would be having a baby.

Wanting to make their home comfortable and healthy for the new baby, the parents-to-be called up Complete Home Solutions. We sent one of our home comfort experts to perform an energy audit and come up with some solutions for this family's comfort issues. He found two main areas that could really use some improvement.

The attic and the attached garage were leaking a lot of air, which was creating that temperature difference between the upstairs and downstairs. This was an easy fix for Complete Home Solutions. In the attic, we insulated the exposed knee walls, air sealed  the skylight area, air sealed any attic penetrations we found, and installed blown in cellulose insulation. In the garage, we insulated the wall, attaching it to the living space by dense packing cellulose insulation using the drill and fill method. 

This couple can now focus on welcoming the new addition to their family rather than worrying about their home's comfort (or in this case, lack there of). 

Work Requests From Prince Georges County, MD
Vicinity of Bond Mill in Prince Georges
Air sealing and attic installation.
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