Work Requests in Washington

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Learn more about Complete Home Solutions' recent work requests in Washington, DC
Vicinity of Gorman Terrace SE in Washington
I need insulation installed in my attic.
Vicinity of Randolph Pl NW in Washington
Needs air pressure test required by DCRA
Vicinity of Baldwin Crescent NE in Washington
I am looking to have foam insulation installed in my home
Vicinity of North Dakota Avenue, Nw in Washington
Need foam insulation estimate for 36 by 28 ft attic with 12/12 roof pitch
Vicinity of Dorsett Pl NW in Washington
Attic cleaning and insulation. Crawl space insulation
Vicinity of in Washington
We keep the thermostat at 73 degrees and the room temperatures drop way below that to 68 at night. A diagnostic has been done and the issue is apparently not the furnace.
Vicinity of D Street NE in Washington
Bought an old house last year and interested in doing an audit of our house to find out where we need to close gaps to help make our house more efficient and weather controlled.
Vicinity of Eastern Ave NE in Washington
The heat in my two story house is imbalanced. It also doesn't retain heat so very poor insulation. My second floor does t get heated at al while first floor is much better.
Vicinity of Thayer St. NE in Washington
Hello, The first floor of our stand alone house needs insulation. We've been in the house about a year and a half and last winter you could see your breath in the house when it dropped into single digits. We also had pipes freeze last winter.
Vicinity of Beekman Pl NW in Washington
I live in a two floor condo/townhouse. The original blown insulation has settled and the house is very leaky. I would like to upgrade the insulation on the outside facing walls of the front and back.
Vicinity of Q Street NW in Washington
Rowhouse gets very uneven in the winter; super hot upstairs and freezing on main level. Looking to compare with another quote for work to help with that, including attic sealing, insulation, can lighting seals, fixing a few extraneous grills-to-nowhere, and aeroseal. Would love to get the quote next week. Thanks!
Vicinity of Fairmont St Nw, in Washington
I would like to get a quote for adding insulation in the ceiling on our top floor and wrapping some of our air ducts as we are getting condensation built up on them.
Vicinity of Monroe St NE in Washington
Replacements of my insulation, repair to ceiling and walls, and possible mold removal due to a leaking roof that was recently repaired twice. The raining season caused a major delay in my ability to get the second round of repairs executed in a timely manner.
Vicinity of Hildreth St. SE, in Washington
I can feel the coldness from the attic and went over my head.
Vicinity of D ST NE in Washington
4 Level building, we would like to estimate for insulation. Please contact me via email if you're able to provide this type of work. thank you.
Vicinity of N Carolina Ave NE in Washington
We recently had a new gas furnace/AC unit installed and the HVAC contractor recommended AeroSeal for the ducts. Before we do that, we're interested in potentially doing an energy audit. The issue is that our upstairs is noticeably warmer than our first floor. Thank you.
Vicinity of U St NW in Washington
Insulation in the attic with furnace
Vicinity of R St NW, in Washington
I recently had an energy audit done which found lots of leaky ducts and one point where the duct is practically disconnected. I am interested in learning more about Aeroseal as a possible solution for us. We would also like some weather stripping and caulking done around our windows and doors.
Vicinity of Hunt Place NE in Washington
The first floor is extremely cool and my third floor is hot and muggy Do you perform hvac diagnostics for the attic?
Vicinity of M St Ne in Washington
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Van Buren Street NW in Washington
Hi, We have just moved into our home and want to have the insulation in the attic increased.
Vicinity of in Washington
Want to get the attic insulated before the summer heat. We have some but very minimal insulation currently. Home is older DC cape cod. Attic covers the entire house, about 1200 sqft.
Vicinity of in Washington
I"m looking for a quote for dense packed cellulose in a ceiling of 500 sq ft.
Vicinity of HR Drive SE in Washington
I removed a bad drywall job from a slanted ceiling in my storage room. There is fiberglass insulation in that ceiling. Some of the insulation is black inside the paper and then there are brown stains on the paper itself, in different sizes. I want to know if the insulation is still good before I have the drywall replaced.
Vicinity of D ST SE in Washington
Vicinity of in Washington
Attic isn't insulated; upstairs rooms harder to keep cool in summer.
Vicinity of Fort Baker Drive SE in Washington
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: insulation. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Holly Street, NW in Washington
Cold air coming from attic
Vicinity of Ingomar St., NW in Washington
We live in a home built in 1915. We would like spray foam insulation applied in our unfinished basement where the joists meet the stone foundation. We also have a crawl space under an addition and basement windows that leak cold air. Also air seeps into the house where the shake shingle overlaps the foundation on the exterior of the house.
Vicinity of in Washington
It feels like sir is blowing in from outside especially under my dishwasher. I would also like to check to see if there is any installation in my upstairs bedroom. It was originally an attic and sometimes I can feel the air coming in from outside.
Vicinity of in Washington
I would like an energy audit please.
Vicinity of Lanier Pl NW in Washington
Window seems to let in cold air.
Vicinity of in Washington
Hello, I just purchased a home in NW DC that I would like to make more energy efficient. In particular, my home inspector recommended that I replace the attic insulation and air seal any openings. The inspector also found a past rodent infestation in the attic, which will need remediation. I'm in touch with some pest control companies, but I was wondering if you also offered the clean up and removal of insulation in an attic - followed by sealing and insulating (spray foam and/or blown insulation, or based on your recommendation). The attic is not used for any storage, and is approximately 40 by 45 feet. I'm available for appointments Saturday January 6, Sunday January 7, or during the day starting Thursday, January 11 through Saturday, January 20. Best, Amy
Vicinity of in Washington
The master bedroom has a terrible draft coming from the attic area and several windows have broken seals and drafty
Vicinity of Jefferson Street NW in Washington
Attic of home.
Vicinity of East Capitol St., NE in Washington
Insulation needed in the basement in order to keep it warm in the winter months.
Vicinity of in Washington
Attic is currently poorly insulated as it allows heat to enter from above. Attic also does not have a fan and I would like to have one installed. Looking for a quote to possibly remove current insulation, properly seal, and reinstall insulation. Would also be interested in a quote to install an attic fan.
Vicinity of Channing St NE in Washington
I would like to get a quote to spray foam my attic and crawl space
Vicinity of Harvard St.NW in Washington
We're requesting a quote for spray foam insulation for the attic crawl space. The house is currently being renovated.
Vicinity of in Washington
I'm looking for a closed cell spray foam installer for my 100 year old brick house. We've already demo the building to the bare studs.
Vicinity of Park Pl NW in Washington
There is an add-on in the back of our house that serves as a sun room downstairs and part of two bedrooms upstairs. It does not appear to be insulated, as the sun room gets very cold in winter/hot in summer, which affects the bedrooms upstairs as well. I'd like to get an estimate for what it would take to insulate this area better.
Vicinity of Wyndale St NW in Washington
We are renovating our house and looking for a full house insulation
Vicinity of Upshur St.NW in Washington
400 sq ft -pump in foam insulation-wall 2/13 inches Please provide estimate,thanks
Vicinity of Vermont Ave in Washington
Vicinity of K Street NW, in Washington
We're in an 800 square foot condo in a large, 10 year old building (12 floors, appx 250 units) and over the last year or so are hearing more sound from our upstairs and next door neighbors, not talking, but walking, knocking around (doors/cabinets closing), and especially bass from music playing. Not tied to any particular neighbor. There is some street noise (we're on the 6th floor, overlooking NY Ave in a busy area), so that's less of a concern. We're interested in improving the soundproofing between one neighboring wall and our ceiling, and wanted to know more about price and possible effectiveness of the different options.
Vicinity of South Dakota Ave NE in Washington
Home is finished, want to know about insulating options and estimate for insulating home.
Vicinity of in Washington
I'm looking to have two bedroom walls and perhaps a ceiling filled with open-cell spray foam for noise reduction purposes. The square footage is less than 200 sq ft of surface area and the location is DC. Thank you
Vicinity of Oliver St Nw in Washington
Interested in several quotes for different insulation projects
Vicinity of Utah Ave NW in Washington
We need to have insulation and a vapor barrier installed in the crawlspace under the kitchen. It was also recommended that we increase the amount of insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of Holly St., NW in Washington
I have insufficient insulation in my attic. It is very hot upstairs in the summer.
Vicinity of in Washington
My home was not properly insulated when built in the mid 60's. My energy bills are too high.
Vicinity of Sheridan St Ne in Washington
I would like blow installation in my ceiling to reduce noise wheb in my basement.
Vicinity of Park Rd NW in Washington
We own a condo on the second story of a five story apartment building. One of our two bedrooms runs significantly colder than the rest of the apartment, and the walls feel cold. We suspect a lack of insulation in the walls, and would be interested in having the space evaluated for solutions.
Vicinity of in Washington
1000 sq of close cell insulation for a new construction plus open cell insulation
Vicinity of Seaton Place NW in Washington
My kitchen has no insulation in the walls.
Vicinity of N St NW in Washington
Insulation , foam and Fiberglass in walls floors . Thanks Small frame house
Vicinity of Spring Road Northwest in Washington
How much do you charge for a home energy audit? i found your company through the DC sustainable energy utility
Vicinity of in Washington
Looking to have new construction project insulated in DC. Interested in learning difference between closed cell vs open cell
Vicinity of in Washington
Vicinity of Tamarack St NW in Washington
Our attic needs additional insulation. And we have a living/dining room with a cathedral ceiling that I want to insulate.
Vicinity of North Carolina Ave SE in Washington
I have a 4 story older (1890's) townhome in Eastern Market with very little to no insulation. There is not a lot of attic space, but enough space between the rafters to blow-in insulation. I would like an estimate on what it would cost to have the insulation installed.
Vicinity of in Washington
Hello, I am looking to have several improvements and repairs on our rowhouse: - Insulating the attic space (roughly 300sf and 18" high). - Replacing a skylight (roof curb is 30"x30"). - Air sealing the exterior envelope, which at minimum would include repairing the area behind the fascia board, and weather stripping doors and windows. - HVAC inspection and potential tune up. If this is work that you would consider doing, please feel free to contact me. I am currently gathering quotes from contractors in the area. Thank you for your time, Matthew Lee
Vicinity of in Washington
Moved into a new house, windows are in quite bad shape. Very old, leaky. Looking for quotes for replacement.
Vicinity of C Street Se in Washington
Air sealing and insulation in attic
Vicinity of Nebraksa Ave in Washington
We have drafts. cold spots. roof repairs that were not insulated. etc...
Vicinity of Chesapeake Street NW in Washington
Looking to insulate walls of portion of home.
Vicinity of Delafield Pl NW in Washington
We have had an energy audit completed, but do not want to use the company for the work. We would like someone to come in and give us an estimate to do air sealing and insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of Van Ness Street NW in Washington
SuperAttic insulation free quote.
Vicinity of Quincy Place SE in Washington
Exterior existing walls not insulated
Vicinity of Kearny St. NE in Washington
The sub-floor between basement and main floor is not insulted well enough to keep pipes from freezing.
Vicinity of Somerset Place NW in Washington
Our house was converted years ago from radiator heat to forced air (for AC and heat). It works effectively on the main floor, but not upstairs. Our home is hot in the summer, and cold in the winter. I would like to have someone inspect our ductwork and I would like to add insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of Morningside Drive, NW in Washington
Older home, drafty with older appliances