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Cleanspace Crawl Space in DC

This home in DC was suffering from cold floors, high energy bills, and moisture in the crawl space.

To fix this our production team provided air sealing and cell foam insulation to prevent further drafts and air leakage. They also encapsulated the crawl space to stop moisture from seeping up from the ground and to improve the overall comfort of the home.

Cleanspace Crawl Space in Annaplois, MD

This home was suffering from cold floors caused by moisture in their basement making the insulation sag and not properly insulate the house. 

Our Production Team lined the floor of the crawl space to prevent further moisture damage and reinstalled the insulation to keep the home's floors at a comfortable temperature.

Attic Insulation in Bethesda, MD

This home in Bethesda, Maryland suffered from uncomfortable temperatures. The homeowner called Complete Home Solutions to have an Auditor find the source of the problem. Our Auditor determined that the cause of the uncomfortable temperatures is ineffective old insulation in the attic area of the home.

Our Production Team provided blow in cellulose insulation in the attic to make the home more comfortable.

New Attic Insulation in Landover, MD

This Home in Landover was struggling to keep their home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This attic already had Blown-in Cellulose insulation but after our Auditor completed his inspection of the home he found many leaks in the attic as well as need for a higher R-Value of Cellulose insulation. The attic is the most common location to find leaks in a home and when your AC Unit is working double time in the summer to keep you cool all that cool air is leaking out of those holes and your Electric bills will continue to soar. Our Production Crew went into the home and air sealed all the cracks, holes around duct work and any other leaks in the attic and then blew in new Dr. Energy Saver Certified Cellulose Insulation to the correct R-value to ensure no more air is leaking out of the home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Great Mills, MD

This home in Great Mills, Maryland had a serious problem with cold floors, drafty rooms, and high utility bills. The homeowner wasn't sure what the problem was, but knew someone who did -- Complete Home Solutions. 

As experts in energy efficiency, we were quickly able to identify the homeowner's problem after giving him a home energy audit. What we found was that his crawlspace needed a serious makeover! We tore out all the old BATT insulation (that wasn't doing any good), installed our encapsulation liner, and spray foamed the walls. The end result was a warm, healthy, and comfortable home! 

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