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Attic Insulation in Silver Spring, MD

This homeowner purchased a Colonial home, that was built in 1968, they were experiencing drafts and fluctuating temperatures upstairs. That is why they decided to call us in to take a look at what was going on within their home!


After our Home Comfort Specialist, Ben, performed a blower door test, he confirmed that there was significant air leakage into the attic. Ben recommended that the homeowner remove all the old batt insulation and go for blown-in cellulose insulation. Our Home Comfort Technicians arrived at the job and air-sealed the attic to prevent future air leakage. After that, they installed blown-in cellulose insulation in the attic, which helped keep the temperature in their home more consistent. 


This homeowner is extremely happy with the work that was done and can truly feel the difference!

Attic Insulation in Gambrills, MD

Matthew called in wanting to make his house more energy efficient and hoped it would help lower his monthly energy cost. With that, we sent our Home Comfort Specialist, Jonathan, to go and see how we can help! Jonathan recommended installing new blown in cellulose, along with spray foaming some of his HVAC in his attic. His existing insulation was outdated and did not give him the proper R-value for his area and the ductwork was not sealed properly which caused air to leak into the attic. With that recommendation from Jonathan, we sent out our Home Comfort Technicians to properly insulate that attic. We started by air sealing the top plates that run throughout the attic and stapling up baffles in order to help the attic breathe with all the new blown-in cellulose insulation. After we blow in the new insulation to the proper R-value, we spray foam the return boxes of his HVAC system to prevent further air leakage. 

Matthew was happy to see his energy bill go down while enjoying better temperatures within his house!

Attic Insulation in Severna Park, MD

Nancy called in wanting a home energy audit and to inspect her house to see what we could do to make her house feel more comfortable. We sent Jonathan, our Home Comfort Specialist to go and perform a blower door test along with using an infrared camera to see where she has temperature issues. After conducting his tests, Jonathan recommended an attic insulation upgrade and to spray foam her skylight in the attic. With that, our Home Comfort Technician, Brad and his crew, went into the attic to begin working. They installed baffles and air sealed the entire attic. Before they blew the new insulation into the attic, they spray foamed the skylight, which during the infrared inspection, it was revealed that the skylight fluctuates temperatures and is one of the reasons why she is getting temperature differences between rooms. One spray foamed, Jose and Jason installed new blown in insulation up to the recommended R-value for Nancy's area. 


Nancy felt an immediate difference and loved the decrease in her energy bill!

Attic Insulation in Baltimore, MD

This homeowner was experiencing fluctuating temperatures in her upstairs bedroom. They decided to let the professionals at Complete Home Solutions handle and help solve her situation! After getting in contact with us, we sent one of our Home Comfort Specialists, James, to investigate and find out the cause behind her temperatures. After the visit, James decided that a complete blown-in insulation project would help alleviate her issue. The next step was to send out our Home Comfort Technician crew to get to work. They started by air sealing the attic by spraying one-part spray foam over the top plates to prevent air leakage, followed by installing baffles in the eaves so that the attic gets proper ventilation after we install the new cellulose. The final step is to have our blown-in cellulose installers arrive and install 16 inches of new insulation into the attic. 


The homeowner noticed an immediate difference and no longer has any fluctuating temperatures inside!

Attic Insulation in Dunkirk, MD

James inquired about having issues with his upstairs not holding the set temperature consistently and called in asking if we could help him figure it out. We sent Jack, our Home Comfort Specialist, to his home and conducted an inspection as to why he was having those issues. Jack concluded that James' current insulation R-value was way lower than the recommended level for his area and recommended air sealing and installing new insulation to fix his home! After that, we sent our Home Comfort Technicians, JB and his crew, to alleviate James of his temperature issues. They started with air sealing the top plates in the attic to prevent air leakage and also installed baffles in order for the attic to breathe after we installed the cellulose. Once prepped and ready for insulation, Jose and Jason arrived to install the new blown-in cellulose insulation up to the proper R-value. 


After we finished, James noticed that his upstairs held the temperature much better and felt more comfortable!

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