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Complete Home Solutions provides insulation and duct sealing services, as well as home energy audits and energy code inspections to improve your home's overall comfort and help lower monthly energy costs. We offer solutions for existing homes and new construction in Silver Spring, Hyattsville, Gaithersburg and throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and Maryland. Contact us for a FREE service estimate today!

Our goal is to help homeowners pinpoint problem areas when it comes to home energy usage and comfort to permanently solve the issues we find. There are many ways we can do this, and many products we can use as a result of our findings. We have access to a variety of different home energy products, so we can come up with a custom plan based on your home's needs.

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Our slogan is that “We Fix Uncomfortable Homes!”, and we do this by performing simple energy improvements to your home such as installing or upgrading insulation and sealing your air ducts, and much more. These basic energy saving tactics allow you to enjoy a home that's comfortable year-round, while spending less on monthly heating, cooling, and energy costs. Depending on the service, our customers report that they can feel an immediate improvement in their home's comfort, and see a savings in their energy costs.

Since 2001, Complete Home Solutions has been the preferred home energy and comfort specialist of Maryland. Our unique skill set and access to the best products in the industry make us your best choice for home energy solutions. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to ask - we are here for you!

Completed Home Energy Projects in Washington Metropolitan Area and Maryland

Icky Crawl Space in Potomac, Maryland Before
Icky Crawl Space in Potomac, Maryland After

Icky Crawl Space in Potomac, Maryland

This home in Potomac, Maryland had moisture in the crawl space which was causing the insulation to sag. The homeowner called Complete Home Solutions to find a solution to their problem. 

Our Production Team sealed the crawl space to keep moisture out and put the insulation back in place to keep the floors warm and keep drafts out this winter.

Rim and Band Joist Treatment in North Potomac, MD Before
Rim and Band Joist Treatment in North Potomac, MD After

Rim and Band Joist Treatment in North Potomac, MD

This homeowner in North Potomac asked us for help with advice on making their home more comfortable and advice on how to keep the home at a more stable temperature.  They were interested in having their attic and crawl space assessed.  Our energy auditor, Merv, visited the home and discussed solutions with these homeowners.  One of the recommendations was to air seal the rim and band joists in the basement area with 3" of closed cell spray foam insulation.  As you can see by the pictures, the rim and band joists were not air sealed prior to our work on the home.  We sealed and insulated the rim joists which are major sources of heat loss in the home.  This will make their home more energy efficient and comfortable and help keep the temperature in the house more even! 

Crawl Space Improvements in North Potomac, MD Before
Crawl Space Improvements in North Potomac, MD After

Crawl Space Improvements in North Potomac, MD

These homeowners in North Potomac, Maryland called our office to find ways to make their mud room more comfortable.  They also asked for advice on how to make their home more energy efficient.  We recommended solutions to help them achieve their goals.  We made significant improvements to their basement and crawl space.  This made an immediate improvement to their comfort, health and helped make the temperatures in the home more consistent.  Our production crews removed damaged insulation in the crawl space to prepare for air sealing and insulation.  We removed old duct wrap from the crawl space and installed a new vapor barrier.  We air sealed the crawl space walls and rim and band joists with closed cell spray foam insulation.  Now that the crawl space has been improved, these homeowners are finding their mud room to be more comforting and reaping benefits of improved energy efficiency.

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We are a proud member of several nationally-recognized networks, such as Dr. Energy Saver, Building Performance Institute, and RESNET Energy Smart. You can rest assured that you are working with the best when you choose us for all your insulation and energy efficiency improvements.

We pride ourselves on the positive reputation we have cultivated, and we owe our good standing in part to the organizations we have garnered recognition from. All of these awards and affiliations prove our prowess in the energy efficiency industry and our dedication to customer satisfaction. If your energy bills are too high, or some of the rooms in your home are uncomfortable, contact us today! We serve homeowners in Silver spring, Hyattsville, Gaithersburg, and surrounding towns.

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