Insulation vs. Air Sealing. What's the Winner!

Monday, December 24th, 2018 by Kelsey Harrison

Is Insulation Alone Enough - Image 1We like to check up pretty regularly on our friend, ENERGY STAR’s website to see what they’re talking about with consumers. In our browsing, we found a great little segment about attic insulation projects. They said something really important that anyone looking to get work done in their attic should pay attention to, “EPA recommends air sealing the attic before adding attic insulation.” They nailed it! A lot of people are under the misconception that adding more insulation is all you need to do to get your attic more energy efficient. What they don’t realize is that you really need to couple that insulation with air sealing to see any real, long term results.

Let’s talk about some of the benefits of our air sealing services:

1.       Can reduce heating & cooling costs by an average of 15 percent

2.       Is a “once-and-done” repair

3.       Improves indoor air quality

4.       We can use special equipment to identify even the small, less obvious leaks

Some of the most common areas that we need to air seal are:

1.       Attic access hatches/doors

2.       Around recessed lights and fans

3.       Cracks, gaps, & holes in drywall or plaster

4.       Around electrical outlets and switches

There are many other places that we regularly air seal, but those are the ones most related to what’s going on in your attic.

ENERGY STAR has it right. Make sure that you’re not settling for a contractor who’s going to do a fast and easy job while leaving out some important steps. You can call us at Complete Home Solutions at 1-410-867-1202 and we will walk you through the process!

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