NHHM 2018: How Healthy is the Air You Breathe?

Monday, June 11th, 2018 by Michelle Burgee

National Healthy Homes Month 2018

How Healthy is the Air you Breathe?

Monday, June 11, 2018 NHHM 2018: How Healthy is the Air You Breathe? - Image 1

       Your family’s health and well-being have a direct connection to the air they breathe within your home.  Most homeowners take pride in their homes appearance, it’s important to remember that having a clean appearance is not always a direct reflection of how “Clean” the home isOften things we can’t see in our attics, basements or crawl spaces are contributing to the indoor air quality of our home through air leakage.  Your home naturally pulls air from attics, basements and crawl spaces inside to the   air we breathe.  Things such as pest infestation, exposure contamination and organic growth from moisture or condensation issues pollute that air.

Tips on Keeping A Clean Home and Improving the Indoor Air Quality!!

  1. Clean as you go! — When you are done cooking or playing, clean up right away, germs and food fester bacteria even after a few minutes. If you walk away from a mess or even one glass, the longer it takes for you to go back and clean it. This will save time and keeps you organized!
  2. Daily Surfaces — Countertops, doorknobs bedside tables, desks, keyboards, etc. should be wiped down once a day if not daily!  You touch and use these every day and need to be wiped down.
  3. Inspect your Home for pest infestation! – Regular inspections help unwanted visitors in your home.
  4. Air Sealing-Seal attics and crawl space areas to prevent air leakage into the air you breathe within your living space.
  5. Ensure an adequate moisture barrier.  – Make sure moisture polluted air from your crawl space does not travel into your home.

Remember People spend close to 90% of their time INSIDE their home and the quality of air indoors can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the worst air outside! Here at Complete Home Solutions, we focus on making your home healthy, comfortable, safe and energy efficient.  

Check out a recent case study on keeping the air you breathe healthy:


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