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Before and After Pictures from Severna Park
Attic Insulation in Severna Park, MD

Attic Insulation in Severna Park, MD

Before After
Attic Insulation in Severna Park, MD Attic Insulation in Severna Park, MD

Nancy called in wanting a home energy audit and to inspect her house to see what we could do to make her house feel more comfortable. We sent Jonathan, our Home Comfort Specialist to go and perform a blower door test along with using an infrared camera to see where she has temperature issues. After conducting his tests, Jonathan recommended an attic insulation upgrade and to spray foam her skylight in the attic. With that, our Home Comfort Technician, Brad and his crew, went into the attic to begin working. They installed baffles and air sealed the entire attic. Before they blew the new insulation into the attic, they spray foamed the skylight, which during the infrared inspection, it was revealed that the skylight fluctuates temperatures and is one of the reasons why she is getting temperature differences between rooms. One spray foamed, Jose and Jason installed new blown in insulation up to the recommended R-value for Nancy's area. 


Nancy felt an immediate difference and loved the decrease in her energy bill!

New Attic Cellulose Insulation in Severna Park, MD

New Attic Cellulose Insulation in Severna Park, MD

Before After
New Attic Cellulose Insulation in Severna Park, MD New Attic Cellulose Insulation in Severna Park, MD

This homeowner in Severna Park, Maryland could not understand why her house was so cold. She knew that she had insulation in her attic, and yet she could never seem to retain heat in her house. She had Complete Home Solutions come take a look at her house to figure it out.

We found that her attic did have insulation, but there wasn't enough, it had spots that were too old, and there was no air sealing underneath. We fixed those problems by removing the spots of insulation that were no good, air sealing the attic base, and installing blown-in cellulose insulation. Now this homeowner can enjoy a warm home.  

Basement Spray Foam Insulation in Severna Park, MD

Basement Spray Foam Insulation in Severna Park, MD

Before After
Basement Spray Foam Insulation in Severna Park, MD Basement Spray Foam Insulation in Severna Park, MD

As home comfort experts, we like to explain the stack effect to our customers. The basic gist of it is that warm air escapes through the top of your house and cold air comes in through the bottom. In preparation for this coming winter, the homeowner wanted to have their basement treated. 

One of the main components that goes into treating a basement is air sealing the rim joists. For this homeowner, we applied SilverGlo Polysio Foam Board as a base layer. We then applied a layer of spray foam insulation over the foam board. The combination worked terrifically to protect this home from cold drafts in the winter. 

Company Awards
2018 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award
On November 11, 2018, Complete Home Solutions received the Champions of Energy Efficiency Award for their efforts to advance landmark... [Read more]
BBB's Torch Awards for Ethics
On Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, Complete Home Solutions was honored as a recipient of... [Read more]
Angie's List Super Service Award 2015
The Angie's List Super Service Award is given to only the top 5% of businesses in a specific category. ... [Read more]
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Spray Foam & Home Insulation Contractor in Severna Park, MD

Specializing in spray foam, cellulose and rigid foam board insulation, Complete Home Solutions can service your every insulation need. We can fix faulty insulation as well as provide new insulation installation. If you want your Severna Park home to be comfortable all year long don't hesitate to get the proper insulation and air sealing your home needs to remain at a comfortable temperature. Our professionals can easily assist you with attic, crawl space, garage, basement insulation and much more!

Complete Home Solutions also specializes in custom home energy audits that can help detect where your home uses and loses the most energy. From there, we can recommend solutions to improve the insulation throughout your home and make your home more energy efficient!

Home Insulation Services We Offer:

  • Air Sealing
  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Rigid foam Insulation
  • Weatherization
  • Aeroseal Duct Dealing
  • Soundproofing Rockwool Insulation
  • Home Energy Audits

Severna Park, MD Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces tend to soak up the natural cold or heat around your home and transfers it into the air in your crawl space. This will cause your energy bills to rise and your home’s comfort to decrease. If you have utilities in your crawl space such as your water heater, furnace, or hot water pipes, your energy bills will suffer even more. The fluctuation in temperature will force your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder, causing your energy costs to rise. For your crawl space insulation to perform like it should, it's essential to install the right type of crawl space insulation, the right amount of crawl space insulation, and use the correct installation technique. At Complete Home Solutions we can improve the condition of your crawl space with products that are durable, long-lasting, and made especially for the crawl space environment!

Attic Insulation Contractor Serving Severna Park, MD

Is the lack of insulation in your attic making your home drafty and uncomfortable? Complete Home Solutions can not only fix your inadequate insulation in your attic, but also other areas in the house. We offer a full range of insulation and duct sealing services. As your locally trusted insulation company, we can professionally insulate your garage, attic, basement and even crawl space and floors. When it comes to making your home comfortable while saving money and energy, proper insulation is the first step. Schedule a FREE attic insulation estimate today and start saving money on your energy bills!

HVAC Services in Severna Park, MD

A properly installed HVAC system is vital if you want to keep your home comfortable during even the warmest summers and the coolest winters. Luckily the experts at Complete Home Solutions are here to help! We can install a wide range of HVAC systems including:

  • Ductless Air Conditioning
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Forced Air Heating
  • Electric Heating
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gas Heating
  • Furnaces

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your free estimate for a new HVAC system!

Expert Home Energy Audits

We also specialize in home energy audits that can help detect where your home uses and loses the most energy. From there, we can recommend solutions to improve your insulation throughout your home to save you from wasting energy!

Feel free to give us a call at 1-855-247-9984 or fill out a free estimate form to start making your home more energy efficient. We provide spray foam, attic, crawl space insulation services as well as home energy audits Severna Park, MD and nearby!

Job Stories From Severna Park, MD
Replace Attic Insulation in Severna Park House

This customer had a really awful rodent problem. They were nesting and breeding in her attic. After a few months of struggling with it, she finally called an exterminator to fix the situation. So, the mice were gone, but they had eaten through and damaged a lot of the insulation that was up there. She called us at Complete Home Solutions to fix her attic back up. 

We determined that all of that insulation had to go. Not only was is it now ineffective, but it was unhealthy. Additionally, we found that there was no air sealing underneath the insulation, meaning that that unhealthy air was free to flow into the family's breathing space. So, we removed the old insulation, air sealed the attic, and installed new blown in cellulose insulation. 

This home is now rat free and healthy! We were extremely happy to have helped make this customer's home comfortable again.

Replace Attic Insulation in Severna Park House - Photo 1
Work Requests From Severna Park, MD
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
I would like to replace my gutters and downspouts. I am looking to schedule a quote. Thank you
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
The home inspection recommended some maintenance . I would like to get the estimate of the work that needs to be done and the cost of the project. Thank you
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
We moved into a house that is lacking insutaltion.
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
Have an unfinished basement we would like to add insulation and seal from outside. Eliminate for bugs/insects to enter and insulate interior for comfort. Also would want to insulate to prep for eventual finishing of basement
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
Our house is very cold in the winter.
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
We are planning a basement renovation and would like to closed cell spray foam the block walls (approximately 1025 sqft).
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
Attic Mold
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
I have a vent pipe boot that needs repaired. This has caused a small leak. I want my roof inspected for other potential problems. I also need help installing new soffit. I want my attic insulation removed so i can air seal and then will need new insulation blown in.
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
I'd like a quote on insulating our crawl space.
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
I'm looking for a quote on getting insulation blown into existing drywall spaces in the wall and ceiling of my garage.
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
Cape cod home knee wall attic installation
Project Location: Severna Park, MD
Our home uses a lot of energy and we're looking to see what we can do to fix this problem, before replacing the roof, windows, etc...