National Christmas Lights Day

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 by Kelsey Harrison

While lighting your house is a great way to show your holiday cheer, there are a few tips you should remember for energy saving and general safety.

 -While you can keep your holiday lights on all night it's usually a good idea to unplug them before you go to sleep or put them on a timer so you can save some electricity overnight.

-Blow up decorations are very fun for children and passerbys but be careful where you set them up. Take care not to set up your decorations where it could be blocking the road or driveway.

-Outdoor lights tend to use up more energy than indoor lights because they are high wattage and therefore less energy efficient. Try using LED lights, they use 80% less energy than normal holiday lights, longer lasting, and stay cooler than traditional bulbs.  Watch for great sales and start replacing some strands little by little!

-If you're worried about your energy bill consider using solar powered holiday lights. They will soak up the sun's rays during the day and use solar energy rather than your home's to light up the night.

Enjoy the holiday season.

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