Start Your New Year Energy Efficiently

Sunday, January 1st, 2017 by Kelsey Harrison

Start Your New Year Energy Efficiently - Image 1A new start to a new year! New Year’s Day reminds us that it is not too late to make a change – whether small or large. People make all sorts of resolutions about dieting, saving money, having a more positive attitude – all terrific ambitions that should be encouraged. Often times, the most difficult part about resolutions is getting the ball rolling on them.

What kind of diet should I do? How do I save money? What expenses should I cut back on?

We have the bad habit of dwelling on these questions for too long and then eventually just saying, Forget it, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, we should be figuring out the best way to get these questions answered. Now, we may not be able to help you with some of these questions, but we do have a great answer to one – How do I save money?

Energy efficiency is such an underrated asset. Sure, attention for it has been growing the last few years, but it is nowhere near where it needs to be. Your crawl space and attic could be wasting a lot of energy, which translates to money. Getting weatherization work done could save you energy and money that you may have not even realized you were losing. Now we’re not going to say that we can cut your energy costs by 90%, because that’s just not realistic – anybody who offers you those kinds of savings in our line of work is trying to take you for a ride. But, here’s what we do know. Your heating and cooling accounts for about 50% of your home’s utility costs (varying based on the season and region of course). Weatherization – air sealing, insulation, and our other services – can save you up to 45% of that cost. That’s a real, big way to cut your costs!

Now you don’t have to stop there. There are all kinds of upgrades you can make to your home for the new year – Energy Star appliances, programmable thermostats, energy-efficient HVAC systems. All of these are improvements you can make to save money. Weatherization will be the one to make the biggest difference, though.

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