NHHM 2018: Keep It Comfortable

Tuesday, June 19th, 2018 by Michelle Burgee

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Making a comfortable home includes many different things.  Things like lighting, inviting seating, family rooms, and most of all a comfortable family environment.  You want a safe physical space for family, friends, and pets to live happily and comfortably.

The difference between inside and outside of your home is comfort. Your home is one of the biggest investment of your lifetime and you should be able to use every square foot YEAR AROUND. This is a problem in many homes, there is always a room that isn’t cooled or heated. There are very few perfect days through the year when you don’t need air conditioning or heat running through your home. The big question for many is How Much heat or air conditioning do you actually need to heat or cool your home.  Does it feel like your home is cooling down too quickly in the winter and not staying cool enough in the summer?  Are there often noticeable, uneven temperature differences between floors?  There are a number of factors that impact temperature control in your home and not addressing these issues could lead to higher energy costs while making is harder to your home more comfortable.

Air sealing and insulation are one of the most important factors in keeping your home comfortable while reducing your energy costs.  It is important to remember that insulation degrades over time, therefore loosing it’s intended insulation value.  It is also important to understand insulation does not stop air flow.  Dirty insulation in your attic, basements or crawls is a sign of air filtering.  The insulation collects the dirt and dust particles as the air filters from inside your home.  Be sure to check your attics, basements and crawls to see if you are losing air that you have paid to heat or cool through those unconditioned spaces.

You matter.

And Your home should reflect that.


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