Welcome Maximus Customers!

Hey, it's Mike!

Our family at Maximus has joined forces with the family at Complete Home Solutions, in order to best serve customers like you both now and in the future.

Complete Home Solutions is a "customer first" business, as was Maximus. That will never change.

Now to the most important question from your standpoint: How does this impact you?

You can 100% count on the same outstanding customer service, honesty, and customer first mentality that you came to expect from me and my team. On top of that, Complete Home Solutions builds off of years of expertise, knowledge and training in not only heating and cooling but also areas like indoor air quality, home performance (insulation, humidifiers, ductwork and more), plumbing and more.

I am here now at Complete Home Solutions as a "comfort advisor," meaning I will be diagnosing issues and recommending upgrades/solutions for heating and cooling systems, indoor air quality solutions and more. Many of you were used to texting and calling me directly on my cell phone. I would ask that for future needs, please contact the office instead at 410-867-1202, so we can keep more specific records of your account, your history and your systems.

You can expect Rob Burgee, Michelle Burgee and the team at Complete Home Solutions to continue to deliver on your behalf. In that, I have total confidence.

It's been my greatest honor to serve you. All I can ask is that you show the same loyalty, support and appreciation to our new family at Complete Home Solutions.


Mike Johnson,
Former Owner, Maximus Heating and Cooling
New Comfort Advisor, Complete Home Solutions

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