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Before and After Pictures from Severn
Attic Air Sealing and Cellulose Insulation

Attic Air Sealing and Cellulose Insulation

Before After
Attic Air Sealing and Cellulose Insulation Attic Air Sealing and Cellulose Insulation

This homeowner had an attic with insufficient air sealing and insulation. That is a bad combination that can lead to air leakage and discomfort in the home. Our crew started by air sealing the attic, this means that we closed any openings or exposures in the attic floor with spray foam and sealed the Ductwork preventing any air leaks or sweating. Now that we have created an airtight seal, it’s time to blow in the Cellulose insulation to complete the job and help the home maintain a comfortable temperature while using less energy, making the home more comfortable and lowering energy costs.

Spray Foam Under Home in Severn, MD

Spray Foam Under Home in Severn, MD

Before After
Spray Foam Under Home in Severn, MD Spray Foam Under Home in Severn, MD

This homeowner was experiencing extremely cold temperatures throughout their home. They contacted us, Complete Home Solutions, to figure out why. After inspecting the home, one of our Home Comfort Specialists decided that the area under the home was not properly insulated. We removed the damaged insulation and debris and then applied spray foam to control the moisture under the home. 

Now, this homeowner can walk around their home more comfortably while saving money on their energy bills.

We can help make your home more comfortable too, call us at ! 

Attic Insulation in Severn, MD

Attic Insulation in Severn, MD

Before After
Attic Insulation in Severn, MD Attic Insulation in Severn, MD

Ronald called Complete Home Solutions for one of our Home Energy Audits after the current tenants of his townhouse had noticed the temperature in the second floor was much different than the temperature on the first floor. The Audit examines multiple factors of your home to determine ways you could keep it more comfortable, as well as helping it run more efficiently. Following the audit our Home Comfort Specialist determined that a big cause of the uncomfortable upstairs temperatures were due to the condition of the attic. On the day of the install our Home Comfort Technicians worked their magic once again, air sealing any cracks in the attic floor, and around any recessed light that would be allowing heat to escape and cold air to make its way in. They then blew in a new layer of Cellulose insulation that would created a barrier in the attic that traps the warm air where it belongs, in the home not the attic. Ronald's tenants noticed an immediate difference in the upstairs temperatures and are now sleeping comfortably.

If you are experiencing similar issues, call Complete Home Solutions today for a FREE estimate at !

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2018 Champion of Energy Efficiency Award
On November 11, 2018, Complete Home Solutions received the Champions of Energy Efficiency Award for their efforts to advance landmark... [Read more]
BBB's Torch Awards for Ethics
On Thursday, November 3rd, 2016 at the Baltimore Museum of Industry, Complete Home Solutions was honored as a recipient of... [Read more]
Angie's List Super Service Award 2015
The Angie's List Super Service Award is given to only the top 5% of businesses in a specific category. ... [Read more]
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We Are a Dedicated Spray Foam & Home Insulation Company in Severn, MD

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Spray Foam & Home Insulation Contractor in Severn, MD

Specializing in spray foam, cellulose and rigid foam board insulation, Complete Home Solutions can service your every insulation need. We can fix faulty insulation as well as provide new insulation installation. If you want your Severn home to be comfortable all year long don't hesitate to get the proper insulation and air sealing your home needs to remain at a comfortable temperature. Our professionals can easily assist you with attic, crawl space, garage, basement insulation and much more!

Complete Home Solutions also specializes in custom home energy audits that can help detect where your home uses and loses the most energy. From there, we can recommend solutions to improve the insulation throughout your home and make your home more energy efficient!

Home Insulation Services We Offer:

  • Air Sealing
  • Attic Insulation
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Floor Insulation
  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Cellulose Insulation
  • Rigid foam Insulation
  • Weatherization
  • Aeroseal Duct Dealing
  • Soundproofing Rockwool Insulation
  • Home Energy Audits

Severn, MD Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl spaces tend to soak up the natural cold or heat around your home and transfers it into the air in your crawl space. This will cause your energy bills to rise and your home’s comfort to decrease. If you have utilities in your crawl space such as your water heater, furnace, or hot water pipes, your energy bills will suffer even more. The fluctuation in temperature will force your heating and air conditioning systems to work harder, causing your energy costs to rise. For your crawl space insulation to perform like it should, it's essential to install the right type of crawl space insulation, the right amount of crawl space insulation, and use the correct installation technique. At Complete Home Solutions we can improve the condition of your crawl space with products that are durable, long-lasting, and made especially for the crawl space environment!

Attic Insulation Contractor Serving Severn, MD

Is the lack of insulation in your attic making your home drafty and uncomfortable? Complete Home Solutions can not only fix your inadequate insulation in your attic, but also other areas in the house. We offer a full range of insulation and duct sealing services. As your locally trusted insulation company, we can professionally insulate your garage, attic, basement and even crawl space and floors. When it comes to making your home comfortable while saving money and energy, proper insulation is the first step. Schedule a FREE attic insulation estimate today and start saving money on your energy bills!

HVAC Services in Severn, MD

A properly installed HVAC system is vital if you want to keep your home comfortable during even the warmest summers and the coolest winters. Luckily the experts at Complete Home Solutions are here to help! We can install a wide range of HVAC systems including:

  • Ductless Air Conditioning
  • Central Air Conditioning
  • Forced Air Heating
  • Electric Heating
  • Heat Pumps
  • Gas Heating
  • Furnaces

Contact us today to learn more or schedule your free estimate for a new HVAC system!

Expert Home Energy Audits

We also specialize in home energy audits that can help detect where your home uses and loses the most energy. From there, we can recommend solutions to improve your insulation throughout your home to save you from wasting energy!

Feel free to give us a call at 1-855-247-9984 or fill out a free estimate form to start making your home more energy efficient. We provide spray foam, attic, crawl space insulation services as well as home energy audits Severn, MD and nearby!

Job Stories From Severn, MD
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Severn, MD

Britany's home in Severn, MD was becoming harder to keep comfortable, especially in the cold winter months. After searching online and reading reviews she called Complete Home Solutions to assess the problem. Our Home Comfort Specialist examined multiple factors around her home during our Home Energy Audit, including the heating and cooling system, attic, and crawl space. Following a thorough inspection, our specialist determined that the bulk of the cold air was making its way in through the crawl space. The recommendation was a full crawl space encapsulation. Our Home Comfort Technicians took care of the rest laying down a vapor barrier to keep groundwater or pest out. They then spray foamed the walls and any exterior vents which keeps out wind and most humidity. The final step was to install a dehumidifier to ensure the humidity remained between 50-55%. The homeowner noticed an immediate difference and is now prepared to battle the colder weather in the winter months. In addition by having an audit completed not only is Brittany and her family more comfortable in their home, but a portion of the contract cost was actually paid by his utility company for taking the steps to make his home more energy efficient.


Call 1-855-247-9984 to schedule your Home Energy Audit today!

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Severn, MD

Amy has lived in her Severn, MD home for several years, and each winter she has noticed it was becoming harder and hard to keep the first floor of the home comfortable. She called Complete Home Solutions expecting her heat pump to be the root of the problems, however upon further review it was determined that her comfort problem started below her home. Our Home Comfort Specialist were able to conduct a thorough inspection of the home. This inspection uncovered a completely bare crawl space underneath the home. With air being able to move freely in and out of the crawl space, it also gave a easy way into the the first floor of Amy home. Our Specialist recommended a Crawl Space Encapsulation to fix the problems. On the day of the job out Home Comfort technicians began by laying down a brand new Clean Space vapor barrier which keeps ground water an pest out of the crawl. They then spray foamed the walls and any exterior vents, which keeps out wind and most humidity. The final step was to install a dehumidifier to ensure the humidity remained between 50-55%. The homeowner noticed an immediate difference and is now prepared to battle the colder weather this winter as well as the hot humid conditions the summer will bring. 

If your experiencing similar problems in your home, call Complete Home Solutions today for a FREE estimate at 1-855-247-9984!

Attic Insulation in Bladensburg, MD

Thomas had a home in Bladensburg, MD that had no insulation in the attic, which was causing uncomfortable temperatures in the second floor of his home. By not having proper insulation in his attic, along with no air sealing and an attic hatch with no insulation, it was allowing the conditioned air form the home to escape into the attic, as well as the external temperatures having several places to leak into the home. Our Home Comfort Technicians transformed this attic on the day of the job by air sealing any cracks in the attic floor, as well as covering and sealing multiple recessed light covers. The final step was to blow in 16 inches of fresh Cellulose Insulation into the attic. Following the completion of the project, the attic now successfully keeps any outside temperatures in the attic, while trapping the conditioned air your pay for where it belongs, in the home! 

If your home is experiencing similar issues to Thomas's, give Complete Home Solutions for a FREE estimate today at 1-855-247-9984



Work Requests From Severn, MD
Project Location: Severn, MD
Replace tankless water heater
Project Location: Severn, MD
Need spray foam in an open bay floor in Garage
Project Location: Severn, MD
Complete Home Solutions performed a BGE supported HVAC system check couple months ago. We are experiencing a leak in a drainage pipe at outflow of our HVAC unit that requires repair. Hoping you can help!
Project Location: Severn, MD
Our house is inefficiently and unevenly conditioned. Would like estimate for whole house sealing and attic insulation and learn about options.
Project Location: Severn, MD
Aeroseal duct sealing quote
Project Location: Severn, MD
Project Location: Severn, MD
Looking to get in estimate for ERV system installation in new 2200sqft townhome. Path for duct work is currently unfinished portion of property.
Project Location: Severn, MD
Looking for Air Duct Cleaning; Air Duct Sealing; Installing Baffles into the attic eaves
Project Location: Severn, MD
Basement insulation quote requested: the insulation between the ceiling joists appears to have mold. Also, the previous owners installed blanket type insulation on the basement walls (I've read this described as 'diaper' type insulation). It appears to retain moisture and may contribute to a mold problem. I'm curious if this needs to be removed and replaced. My wife and I hope to renovate this unfinished basement in the future. Thank you!
Project Location: Severn, MD
Please email a reply, as cell service is sketchy where i am currently working. I have 2 projects, 1) i need the floor in living room spray foamed, it is crawl space accessable, dont have size.(12'x19' with8' joists??) Also in fall adding a 30x42x12'H pole barn garage. Want estimate to spray foam. I am buying this house and close in September. The living room floor is an imediate job. After the 15th. Please respond so we can set up a meet date and time. Thank you