Work Requests in Silver Spring

Complete Home Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Silver Spring. Learn more about Complete Home Solutions's recent work requests in Silver Spring and nearby areas!

Learn more about Complete Home Solutions' recent work requests in Silver Spring, MD
Vicinity of Hannes Street in Silver Spring
Survey of current attic insulation and learn what Complete Home Solutions has to offer by way of upgrades.
Vicinity of Forest Glen Rd in Silver Spring
Plaster walls need estimate for insulation
Vicinity of Woodburn Road in Silver Spring
Need to improve the efficiency of my home and seal the crawl spaces.
Vicinity of Mozart Dr in Silver Spring
Roof attic insulation
Vicinity of Centerhill St in Silver Spring
896 sqft duplex with not insulation
Vicinity of Malone Street in Silver Spring
Need to reinsulate attic in 1-story brick rambler, primarily interested in spray foam insulation. Need to remove very old blown-in fiberglass/rock wool insulation, then install spray foam insulation.
Vicinity of Catamount Court in Silver Spring
I have a small area in my laundry room that appears to be mold or mildew and would like a professional assessment to know if I have a problem. Thank you.
Vicinity of Cook Court in Silver Spring
I am purchasing a single family home in Silver Spring. I am interested in adding insulation into the attic and air sealing. Also interested in possible window replacement.
Vicinity of Holman Ave in Silver Spring
Attic Insulation
Vicinity of Wheaton Haven Court in Silver Spring
The back of my 15 yo townhouse is freezing. I believe the insulation is lacking in the exterior walls.
Vicinity of Shepperton Terrace in Silver Spring
We're in a budget crisis since the passing of my father who's been the primary provider of the family. So we would like to see the finance options available to take care of the mold problem.
Vicinity of South Dunmoor Drive in Silver Spring
An addition off the back of our house that was added in the 1980s gets very cold in the Winter. I am less concerned about the rotting as I have taken a look below there before, however, I would like to insulate before another cold winter. This is a separate crawl space from the rest of the house and is 300-500 SQ feet in space by my estimates.
Vicinity of Overton Lane in Silver Spring
Need attic insulation and radiant barrier (attic foil). Not looking to use attic as storage or living space. Just need to minimize heating and cooling loss.
Vicinity of Hannes Court in Silver Spring
In a basement crawl space beneath the stairs, I can detect the musty smell what may be the tell tale sign of mold. There's is also some discoloration on the inside of the door leading to the crawl space. It's a small area, maybe 5' wide X 4' wide X 4' high. Would like an evaluation of what is going on term so floss oboe moisture and mold, as well a a apropos we plan of action and cost to remediate.
Vicinity of Ladd St in Silver Spring
Need a price estimate for Spray Foam Insulation in the attic.
Vicinity of Silver Moon Way in Silver Spring
Greetings, would like to get a quote on attic insulation. Best, Sherry
Vicinity of Pebblestone Dr in Silver Spring
24x40 crawl space to insulate.
Vicinity of Heartfields Drive in Silver Spring
We have two HVAC. Would like to explore aeroseal cost and whether our systems are good candidates for the process.
Vicinity of Woodstock Ave in Silver Spring
Crawl space and attic need insulation
Vicinity of Marigold Lane in Silver Spring
I have a area about 1600 sq/feet what I like to add R30 fibraglass insulation. My house is model rambler I like to see the price for this service' Thanks Ismael
Vicinity of Stonington Rd in Silver Spring
I'd like to cut my heating cost by insuring that the attic is properly insulated.
Vicinity of Apple Tree Lane in Silver Spring
Evaluate 2 crawlspaces and provide estimate for repairs and encapsulation.
Vicinity of Twig Road in Silver Spring
Interested in getting Attic reinsulated.
Vicinity of Nora Drive in Silver Spring
Need existing blow in insulation in attic evaluated. Need pricing on adding more blow in insulation.
Vicinity of Gail Pl in Silver Spring
First time owner and are concern about crawl space not well insulation.
Vicinity of Kemp Mill Road in Silver Spring
Looking for injection foam installer for our home.
Vicinity of Wendell St. in Silver Spring
We recently had a mold remediation in our attic and now we need new insulation.
Vicinity of Manchester Rd in Silver Spring
Hello, I would like to receive a quote for insulating my crawl space by adding insulation under the main floor. The area is 19ft x 25ft. The distance between the joist is 15". I also would like a humidity barrier installed against it. I notice that you provide free inspection. Please, let me know if someone should come to provide a more accurate quote. Best regards, Ludovic
Vicinity of Heil Rd in Silver Spring
I'd like to set up an in-depth home energy audit to help identify energy, heating and cooling problems in the home. Complete Home Solutions was listed on energy star's website as a rater/auditor servicing the MD area and our home is located in Silver Spring. We have a 4 bedroom, 3500sqft home built in 1973 that we purchased 11/2013 and it has been an extremely uncomfortable home to live in as it's always cold and most rooms have noticeable air leaks. The HVAC system is fairly new (less than 7yrs old) but I don't really understand how to operate it as it seems to run non-stop even with programming on. We program it to heat to 70 for an hour of morning prep, down to 62 during most of the day, 70 in the early evening and 69 when we're sleep. When My husband or I are home during the week we will set the temp to 68 or 69 but it seems to never shut off in the winter as if the house simply cannot reach or maintain that setting. 2 bedrooms and an office face the front of the house and are freezing cold in the winter no matter what the thermostat is set to. You can literally feel air flowing into the room from the electrical outlets on the walls facing the front of the house and the walls are cold to the touch. The home was built in 1973 and most windows are outdated, crank windows. We've replaced 6 and have 20 more to update. We have sealed all noticeable cracks near fireplace but all rooms are still cold. Half of the basement is unfinished and other half has uninsulated wood paneling. We don't know enough about attic insulation to tell whether it's in need of additional insulation. Our dishwasher is new (1yr,) dryer energy efficient and new (1yr) but stove, washer and fridge are all old (likely 15+yrs) and need replacing. we've had air duct cleaning performed in fall of 2013 when we purchased the home but the vents tend to blow cold air in some rooms even when the heat is on 70. we need a professional to tell us what we cannot see that's causing the electric bill to stay high, rooms remaining cold, vents not blowing warm air and walls freezing to the touch. We are planning to replace more windows this spring but we need a plan that prioritizes most important to least important on improving the comfort level of the home ASAP. Please contact me via email on your fees, types of payment accepted, dates that you typically perform audits (Mon-Sun) and hours so we can schedule something accordingly. Thanks, Karen and Gary Moore [email protected] (email is preferred method of contact)
Vicinity of E Light Dr in Silver Spring
We have no insulation in our kitchen, which is an addition to the house. Would love to get this taken care of.
Vicinity of Colesville Road in Silver Spring
High heating bills, would like to figure out what we need to do to lower the bills
Vicinity of Tivoli Lake Blvd in Silver Spring
Air seeps into bedrooms from Attic. This is a new home and windows leak as well.
Vicinity of Bradshaw Drive in Silver Spring
I believe my townhouse is not efficiently insulated. The basement gets too cold during Winter and I do feel air draft around the windows too, during winter. I would like someone to come in and audit as well as provide guidance on how best to insulate. Thanks