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Complete Home Solutions Case Studies: Attic Air Seal in La Plata, Maryland

Monday, June 19th, 2017 by Kelsey Harrison


This homeowner was dreading the upcoming summer months. He remembered how last summer, he and his wife had a terrible time trying to stay cool. The house was HOT, and their bedroom was upstairs, which was even HOTTER. Before the heat waves started rolling in again, they decided to have a professional come out and assess their home for ways to make it more comfortable. That professional was Complete Home Solutions.   


We gave the homeowner a full, comprehensive home energy audit. What our auditor found was that the attic was the source of much of this client's discomfort. Fortunately, we were able to do quite a few things to fix this. The first thing we needed to do was air seal. This means we had to seal up all of those attic penetrations that were leaking air and caulk, weatherstrip, and insulate the attic hatch. The next step was to prepare for the insulation. We needed to construct an insulation dam around the attic hatch (this allows for the even application of insulation). We then installed blown-in cellulose insulation, bringing levels up to R-49 (as recommended by BPI standards for our climate zone).

We also applied weather-stripping around exterior and sealed the duct work with duct mastic. These upgrades made drastic differences for the homeowner. The first really hot week of summer he called in because of how pleasantly surprised he was with our work. The AC didn't kick on once, and yet he and his wife were completely cool and comfortable! Now those are some pretty amazing results. We were more than happy to help this client overcome his summer anxiety and we can help you too! 

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