A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

Thursday, February 9th, 2017 by Kelsey Harrison

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home - Image 1February has a lot going on – indoor air quality month, American heart month, etc – but it all seems to circulate one main idea – health. Our health is extremely important and should never be put on a back burner (which, unfortunately, many of us tend to do).

Here at Complete Home Solutions, we have a slogan that many of you are aware of – we fix uncomfortable homes. Well, we also do something else that you may not know about. We fix unhealthy homes too!

You might have some questions about how our services can make a home healthy. Well, we’ve got the answers right here for you!

  • Radon & Carbon Monoxide – These are extremely dangerous chemicals that could exist in your home. Radon has been known to lead to a variety of health effects, one of the biggest ones being lung cancer. CO can also cause some serious health defects.  We test for both of these in your house before it’s too late and make it safe for your family!
  • Particles – Particles in the air can lead to major respiratory and cardiovascular effects. Many of these particles creep inside the house from the outside. After we have air sealed your house, those particles are no longer able to slip in to your living area. Insulation also helps to filter the air that is already circulating throughout your house.
  • Fungi & Mold – Fungi and mold both contain many allergens that can cause virus infections in the home’s residents. We can both test and treat your home for this kind of danger.
  • Humidity – When a house is either too humid or not humid enough, negative effects develop. If the humidity in the house is too low, homeowners are prone to developing symptoms of dry skin: rashes, eye irritation, nasal soreness, etc. When a house is too humid, unwanted visitors like mold and dust mites can begin breeding. Our air sealing and weatherization strategies are extremely effective when it comes to setting your house at the right humidity levels.
  • Temperature – classifies temperature as the “basic indoor air requirement.” Extreme indoor temperatures (either too high or too low) can be a “serious health hazard.” This is one of the major things that Complete Home Solutions treats a home for. We specialize in creating a comfortable, and healthy, temperature for a home.

Keeping your home healthy is a big responsibility, but we are here to help! Call us at 1-855-247-9984 and we can get you on track to a comfortable, healthy home! 

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