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Crawl Space Encapsulation in District Heights, MD

Jessica bought her home last year and called Complete Home Solutions to determine the cause of the cold floors throughout the first level of the home, as well as an odor that seemed to get worse when it rained. Our Home Comfort Specialist conducted a full inspection of the home to determine any areas of concern that could be resulting in uncomfortable temperatures. Following the inspection, the Specialist determined that the main source of any uncomfortable temperatures were coming from a crawl space that was in bad shape. The recommendation made was to fully encapsulate the crawl space to create an area isolated from the earth and outside elements.  On the day of the encapsulation, our Home Comfort Technicians began by removing the old vapor barrier and insulation from the crawl space., this provided an empty area to begin the transformation. They then installed our Clean space vapor barrier which when bolted to the walls of the crawl space creates a seal that prevents any moisture or pest from entering the crawl from below. Following the installation of the vapor barrier, our Technicians used a 2 part closed cell spray foam to insulate and seal the walls. This process restricts any air from coming through the vents or cinder blocks in the crawl. The final step of this encapsulation is to install a dehumidifier that regulates the humidity to a consistent 50-55%. 


Following the work, Jessica could not be happier with the look or performance of her new crawl space and has already noticed a difference in the temperature of her home.


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