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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Edgewater, MD

This homeowner was experiencing cold floors in her Edgewater, MD home and decided it was time to resolve the issue! After getting in contact with us, we sent our Home Comfort Specialist, Jonathan, to get the ball rolling on the project. While there, Jonathan went and investigated the crawl and recommended that they get a full crawlspace encapsulation to make the crawl a conditioned space and help with the cold air rising from their crawlspace. The next step was getting our Home Comfort Technicians into the crawl and begin working. They started with removing the old batt insulation as it will no longer be needed by the time we finish the job. Then, the crew added a vapor barrier to keep the moisture from the ground outside of the homeowner's crawl. The next step was to install a brand-new dehumidifier to maintain a 50% humidity level. The final step was to install spray foam on the walls of the crawlspace with 2 inches of foam on the walls and 3 inches of foam on the rim joist and band board. 


The homeowner immediately felt a difference and loved the outcome! 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Shady Side, MD

This homeowner in Shady Side was experiencing cold floors and moisture in their crawl space causing the first floor of their home to feel muggy. They were smart to call the professionals at Complete Home Solutions to make their uncomfortable home feel more comfortable! Our Home Comfort Specialist, Ben, visited to assess their crawlspace and determined that the homeowner needed a complete encapsulation to combat the moisture and cold floors. Ben recommended that our Home Comfort Technicians come out to fix her crawl issues. The crew started by removing all old insulation and debris from the crawl, followed by installing a sump pump to remove standing water and decrease the amount of moisture. After that, the crew installed 20 mil. vapor barrier to keep the moisture emitting from the ground from reaching the living space. The last step is to have our Spray Foam Specialists spray two inches of foam onto the walls of the crawlspace to complete the encapsulation. 


The homeowner noticed an immediate difference and enjoyed their warm floors and moisture-free home!

Crawl Space Improvements in North Potomac, MD

These homeowners in North Potomac, Maryland called our office to find ways to make their mud room more comfortable.  They also asked for advice on how to make their home more energy efficient.  We recommended solutions to help them achieve their goals.  We made significant improvements to their basement and crawl space.  This made an immediate improvement to their comfort, health and helped make the temperatures in the home more consistent.  Our production crews removed damaged insulation in the crawl space to prepare for air sealing and insulation.  We removed old duct wrap from the crawl space and installed a new vapor barrier.  We air sealed the crawl space walls and rim and band joists with closed cell spray foam insulation.  Now that the crawl space has been improved, these homeowners are finding their mud room to be more comforting and reaping benefits of improved energy efficiency.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Derwood, MD

This Homeowner in Derwood, MD had a crawl that was in need of a upgrade. Open exterior vents and thinning insulation had allowed humid air to rise into the house in the summer and colder air to do the same in the winter. Upon a visit from our Home Comfort Specialist organic growth from the humid air was also discovered in the crawl space. Our Home Comfort Technicians applied a mold treatment to the crawl, before laying down a CleanSpace vapor barrier and sealing the walls with spray foam insulation for a full encapsulation. The Homeowner is now relaxing comfortably, and have a clean useable space under their home. For a free estimate on transforming your crawl space like this one give us a call today at 1-855-247-9984

Spray Foamed Addition in Bethesda, MD

This customer of ours had some work done with us a few years ago. So, when a new insulation project came up, he knew who to come to for a quality job. He had built a new addition onto his house and wanted to make sure that it was properly insulated before finishing it. 

Our home comfort specialist provided the homeowner with a few solutions to achieve this. They ultimately chose one that we felt was the best option - applying spray foam to the walls, rims and bands was a great way to make sure the new addition was effectively air sealed as well as insulated. The homeowner can now enjoy his new space comfortably.  

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