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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Rockville, MD

At Complete Home Solutions, we deal with a lot of crawl spaces that have water damage, which leads to nasty situations. In this case John's crawl space was not in bad shape when we entered, however, it was not set up to keep external temperatures from entering the crawl space and affecting the comfort of his home. On the day of the job our crew began by installing our Clean space vapor barrier which when bolted to the walls of the crawl space creates a seal that prevents any moisture or pest from entering the crawl from below. Following the installation of the vapor barrier, our Technicians used a 2 part closed cell spray foam to insulate and seal the walls. This process restricts any air from coming through the vents or cinder blocks in the crawl. The final step of this encapsulation is to install a dehumidifier that regulates the humidity to a consistent 50-55%.These improvements will help the temperatures throughout the home, as well as prevent any moisture damage that may arise in the future.


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Rim and Band Joist Treatment in North Potomac, MD

This homeowner in North Potomac asked us for help with advice on making their home more comfortable and advice on how to keep the home at a more stable temperature.  They were interested in having their attic and crawl space assessed.  Our energy auditor, Merv, visited the home and discussed solutions with these homeowners.  One of the recommendations was to air seal the rim and band joists in the basement area with 3" of closed cell spray foam insulation.  As you can see by the pictures, the rim and band joists were not air sealed prior to our work on the home.  We sealed and insulated the rim joists which are major sources of heat loss in the home.  This will make their home more energy efficient and comfortable and help keep the temperature in the house more even! 

Attic Insulation in Potomac, MD

Jeff's home in Potomac, MD had a drastic temperature difference between the first and second floors. He called Complete Home Solutions to address the cause of the problem. After an examination by one of our home Comfort Specialists, it was determined that the condition of the home's attic insulation was leading to uncomfortable temperatures. After determining the cause of the problem, our Home Comfort Specialist was able to recommend options to fix it in-house.  On the day of the job, our Home Comfort Technicians began air sealing the attic with fire block spray foam.  The spray foam is applied to our recessed light covers, top plates, and any outlets in the attic to ensure that the air you pay to heat or cool stays in the living space of your home. The next step in this attic was to vent the bath fans out through the roof. If your fans are not vented properly, it can create moisture issues in your attic. The final step of this attic project was to blow in new Cellulose insulation, which creates a 16 inch barrier between the attic condition and the rest of your home. As you can see in this picture, we install rulers throughout the attic to show our customers just how much of a difference our insulation makes. Nicholas noticed an immediate difference, even in mild temperatures, and can't wait to see how his house performs in the future.


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Air Sealing and Insulation in Rockville, MD

This home in Rockville, MD had open insulation in the attic that was causing drafts and uncomfortable temperatures in the home. The homeowner called Complete Home Solutions to find a solution to the problems. Our Auditor found the problems to be insufficient insulation and air leaks in the attic.

Our Production Team insulated and air sealed the exposed insulation and pipes to make the home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Attic Insulation in Rockville, MD

This homeowner in Rockville, MD had an attic with insufficient air sealing and insulation. This is a bad combination that can lead to air leakage, discomfort in the home and unnecessarily high utility bills. Our crew started by air sealing the attic, this means that we closed any openings or exposures in the attic floor with spray foam and sealed the Ductwork preventing any air leaks or sweating and also makes the ductwork more efficient. Now that we have created an airtight seal, it is time to blow in the Cellulose insulation to complete the job and help the home maintain a comfortable temperature all while using less energy.


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